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Winged Wheels

The Toronto Police Service “ Winged Wheels Motorcycle Team” is a precision motor- cycle demonstration team comprised of officers from the Enforcement Group of Traffic Services - Highway Patrol. In 1990, then Chief of Police William McCormack authorized the formation of the team. Superintendent Gary Beamish provided the necessary drive and foresight into this unique and successful initiative.

The Winged Wheels Insignia

The WINGED WHEELS are named for the insignia proudly worn on the sleeve of the police officer's uniform. This crest, in one form or another, is inter- nationally recognized as the badge of motorcycle officers.

The team is under the command of Superintendent Earl Witty, the Unit Commander of Traffic Services - Highway Patrol.

The team performs its signature manoeuvre “The Wheel”

The Officer in Charge of the Team is Staff Sergeant Larry Bryson who leads the colour party and the team onto the performance area before each riding demonstration. The movements the Team employs in its show, displays the high level of riding ability of the members. High speed cross-overs, virtually impossible slow speed turns, impeccably timed intertwining circles and precisely dressed linear movements display not only the individual skills but the trust and concentration every team member dedicates to every performance. The skill and ability of each officer to handle their 850 lb. motorcycle acts as an incentive to the motorcycling public to develop safe riding skills and attitudes.

The bikes on display at the Mountain State Forest Festival, Elkins, West Virginia, U.S.A.
Senior Police Constable Stan Zieleniewski fulfils the critical role of Ride Leader. Stan is responsible for the planning and development of the show manoeuvres as well as directing the Team as it performs its twenty minute demonstration of complicated and precise movements on their Harley-Davidson police motorcycles.

The members of the team always take time before and after performances to interact with the public. These informal meetings bring the police and the public together to strengthen the bond between the police and the Community.

Since its development, the team has represented the Toronto Police Service and the citizens of Toronto at events in the United States and throughout Ontario. The vast majority of the team's efforts have been focused right in their hometown. Appearances at charitable events, community festivals and parades have showcased Traffic Services and the team's spirit and commitment to community policing.

One of our popular manoeuvres, “The Zipper”
The Winged Wheels Motorcycle Team continues to fulfil its original mandate of representing the Toronto Police Service and the City of Toronto. The team promotes safe motorcycle riding skills and attitudes by its performances and appearances.

The team interacts with other police agencies to perform a vital role on the occasions when international dignitaries or heads of state visit Toronto and require a secure mobile motorcade. Members of the team have had the privilege of escorting the Pope, several Presidents, Prime Ministers and numerous Royal Family members.

The team members project a positive image of the police by their personal contacts while engaged in daily activities and at special events.

In 1999, the members of the Winged Wheels Team received the Chief of Police Excellence Award. This award was presented in recognition of their distinguished efforts within the community.
Over the years the Team has raised over $50,000 for children’s charities in the Greater Toronto Area.

To arrange for the Winged Wheels to attend your event or to obtain further information please contact:
Staff Sergeant Larry Bryson
Toronto Police Service - Traffic Services
9 Hanna Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6K 1W8
Phone: (416) 808-1964 Fax: (416) 808-1902
If you are hosting a show, click here to download the "Winged Wheels" printable poster