Toronto Police Services Board - Police Reform Implementation Dashboard

At its meeting in June 2020, City Council adopted 36 decisions related to policing reform. These decisions included areas of public safety, crisis response and police accountability. At its meeting on August 18, 2020, the Toronto Police Services Board approved 81 decisions on policing reform , including the reforms requested by City Council. The recommendations within this report will lead to concrete action from the City, the Toronto Police Service and the Toronto Police Services Board, changing the future of policing in Toronto.

To help inform the public and stakeholders of progress achieved in relation to each recommendation advanced in the Toronto Police Services Board Report titled: Police Reform in Toronto: Systemic Racism, Alternative Community Safety and Crisis Response Models and Building New Confidence in Public Safety, details relating to each recommendation will be reported in a publically available dashboard.

The dashboard will provide the implementation status for each recommendation and other pertinent information including the units responsible for implementation, progress details, the board theme, related recommendations and other relevant links. This dashboard will be updated on a continuous basis, so please check back regularly for progress.

To launch the TPSB Police Reform Implementation Dashboard in full screen mode please click here.

Please note the report consists of several pages. Navigate through the pages in the report using the arrows located at the bottom center of the report.