Sex Crimes

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Sex Crimes

Sexual Assault Investigative Section

The main investigative section of Sex Crimes is composed of officers who are all trained, qualified specialists in this field. There is a mix of male and female officers, detectives and detective constables.

The majority of Sexual Assault investigations are conducted at the divisional level. The Sexual Assault Investigative Section investigates sexual offences against persons where there is an ongoing risk to the community and the offender is unknown. Investigators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our goal is to identify, arrest and prosecute the person(s) responsible; at the same time, we respect the choices that you as the survivor make with respect to the process that is best for you.

Visit - an online resource for Survivors of Sexual Assault.

Sexual Assault Advisory Committee

The Sexual Assault Advisory Committee provides a forum for information sharing between members of the judicial system, health care centres, community based agencies and service providers with specific emphasis on improving the police response to sexual assault investigation.

For many years, the Toronto Police Service has successfully collaborated with many community agencies and representatives to provide a systematic response to sexual assault. These community partners have been involved in the development of training modules for sexual assault investigators and the drafting of new procedures for the investigation of sexual assaults.