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Museum and Discovery Centre

40 College Street,
Toronto Ontario
M5G 2J3

About the Museum and Discovery Centre

The Toronto Police Museum & Discovery Centre is a not-for-profit registered Charity, operating in close partnership with, but separate from the Toronto Police Service.  The Toronto Police Museum & Discovery Centre was built entirely from private donations.

The Museum is solely funded through guided tours, sales from our Gift-Shop, and research requests.

Whether you have only a few minutes or an hour or two, enjoy a delightful visit to the Toronto Police Museum and Discovery Centre. Occupying 3,000 square feet in the atrium at Police Headquarters building, the Museum reflects the rich tradition and history of policing in our great city.

Built entirely from private donations, our facility offers a vibrant blend of the new and old, with interesting interactive displays dedicated to expanding the community's understanding of policing in Toronto.

Anyone planning to visit the museum are required to e-mail us to book their tour first.

For information or tour bookings, please call 416-808-7020 or e-mail us.

Photo of the Toronto Police Museum

Museum hours

The museum is open Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Toronto Police Museum exists solely on the profits of our gift shop and donations. We hold a charitable status and all donations collected during tours or research will go back into the museum reserve fund.

Before starting your tour or visit, please come to our Gift Shop located beside the College Street Front door.

Gift shop hours: Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Research Requests

All inquires must be submitted through e-mail. Donation will very depending on the type of request. ie. photos, reports, etc. Donations must be handed to the museum. Method of payment: cash or check. Checks must be made out to "The Toronto Police Museum & Discovery Centre."

If you have any items ie. police memorabilia, old uniforms, artifacts etc. that you would like to donate to the Police Museum, please contact the Museum staff at (416) 808-7020.

Read the Herstory: Milestones in the History of the Toronto Police Service Women document.