Toronto Police Service Memorial

Preserving the memory of fallen officers

The Toronto Police Memorial Wall is dedicated to all of the brave police officers in Toronto’s history who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

In August 2018, the Toronto Police Service announced that, as a result of a settlement with the Ontario Human Rights Commission, a new procedure has been created relating to the Memorial Wall honouring fallen officers.

The Service, in consultation with the Commission, has finalized a procedure by which any member, including those who have lost their lives because of mental health injuries, may be eligible for recognition on the Memorial Wall.

The process creates an opportunity for the Service to respectfully recognize those who have died, regardless of cause of death, by appropriately commemorating those who, through their actions, demonstrated the noble qualities of policing and inspired those who continue to serve.

Service Procedure | Application Form

Submissions will be considered by the Office of the Chief.

The Ontario Police Memorial is in a small park at the corner of Queen’s Park Crescent and Grosvenor Street in Toronto. It is made up of a bronze statue of a male and female officer standing atop a large granite pedestal. The names of fallen officers are carved into a granite wall – the Wall of Honour – that stands on each side of the pedestal.

The words, “Heroes in Life, Not Death,” are carved on the memorial. This is to recognize that police officers risk their lives, every day, to protect people and neighbourhoods, and deserve the respect and gratitude of the citizens they serve.

On the first Sunday of May each year police officers, families and friends gathered at the Ontario Police Memorial for the annual Ceremony of Remembrance to honour those that have paid the supreme sacrifice in the performance of their duty.

Below are the names of 40 Toronto police officers who paid life's highest price to fulfill the Service's motto "To Serve and Protect".

Please see the Honour Roll