Forensic Identification Services

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Forensic Identification Services

Plan Drawing Section

The Plan Drawing Section employs a single drafting technician responsible for the preparation of drawings, photographs and graphics for investigative and court purposes.




Cardboard and plywood model of a crime scene
3D model of a major crime scene

floorplan drawing of a crime scene
Typical plan drawing

The services provided to Detective Services Squads, Divisional Detective Services and outside agencies. include:
  • Attending scenes of major occurrences to prepare sketches and take measurements in order to precisely record the location of pertinent aspects. Methods used include both manual (Laser Electronic Distance Measuring [EDM]) and automated (Total Station) systems.
  • Preparing scale drawings based on notes taken at the scene using AutoCAD software
  • Preparing scale models based on notes taken at the scene using various techniques and materials
  • Obtaining and preparing maps, aerial photographs, architectural plans, photoboards and / or other graphics using various software
  • Developing spot measurements and dimensions from photographs and video images using photogrammetric software and techniques (i.e. for suspect height determination)
  • Presenting evidence in court as a qualified expert witness

Approximately half of the section's work is homicide related with the balance comprised of sexual assaults, attempt murders, arsons, inquests and other serious investigations. Over the past five years, the section has averaged 130 cases per year.