Forensic Identification Services

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Forensic Identification Services

CARES Section

The Computer Assisted Recovery Enhancement System (CARES) Section utilizes state-of-the-art computer graphics imaging in harmony with a forensic artist, to offer numerous visual enhancement services.

Forensic artists works on a case related image enhancement

Services provided to members of the Toronto Police include:

  • Composites: The witness or victim of a crime will be interviewed by CARES personnel and a computer-generated face will be created. Victims will be required to attend RICI to relate all the facial features of the suspect
  • Ageing of missing children and adults
  • Restoration of faces on unidentified or unrecognizable deceased persons
  • Skull reconstructions

The FIS forensic artist provides these services other police agencies and is currently assisting with The Resolve Initiative of the Ontario Provincial Police and Office of the Chief Coroner to identify previously unidentified human remains.