Forensic Identification Services

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Forensic Identification Services

Biometrics Section

Imaging is an invaluable component in the array of technologies used by modern law enforcement agencies. TPS uses a computer mugshot system which runs on a Windows operating system. Its acronym is RICI (Repository for Integrated Criminalistic Imaging).

Imaging technician at her workstation
An Imaging Technician constructs a photo line-up

RICI Quality Control responsibilities include:

  • Operation and maintenance of the RICI mug-shot system throughout the Service
  • Create photo line-ups
  • Printing of black and white or colour stored images
  • Training Service members in RICI and Livescan

To date we have approximately 800,000 digital images stored on the system. When a person is charged and fingerprinted, his/her physical attributes and image are loaded onto the database. A physical description obtained from a witness is searched on the system and retrieves people matching those physical attributes. The witness then go through the selected images using various function keys.

In the past, victims and witnesses had to be interviewed at FIS to produced lineups. We have distributed the technology and trained officers in all Divisional and Investigative Units. They can now produce lineups of suspects for witnesses and victims to establish identifications in a timely manner.

Digital and traditional fingerprint capture workstations
Livescan digital fingerprint capture and traditional ink methods are taught by RICI staff