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Disciplinary Hearings Office


Purpose or Mission

The purpose of the Disciplinary Hearings Office is to contribute to the achievement of the Toronto Police Service’s mission and priorities by:

  • providing an effective, efficient and economical support service,

  • facilitating disciplinary hearings on behalf of the Service, and

  • ensuring that all disciplinary hearing processes are inclusive, transparent, fair and equitable.

Accordingly, in addition to compliance with the Police Services Act, Statutory Powers Procedure Act, Service Governance and Core Values, and Human Rights Legislation, the Disciplinary Hearings Office, on behalf of Chief of Police is responsible for:

  • conducting hearings and rendering decisions in writing;

  • administering the Tribunal and the scheduling of hearings;

  • maintaining audio and other records pertaining to the proceedings of the Tribunal;

  • preparation of transcripts and other materials related to hearings as required;

  • maintaining databases to track the progress of cases through the Tribunal process;

  • serving on internal and external committees related to Tribunal issues; and

  • performing other duties as may be required by the Chief of Police.

N.B. The above is a unit mandate and not a position profile.

Approved: 2010.09.20