Toronto Police Service Telephone Directory
     Emergency Service9-1-1
     Mailing Address40 College Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 2J3
     Non-emergency number416-808-2222

      Access and Privacy Section
          Access and Privacy Section Main416-808-7850

      Amateur Athletic Association
          Main Number416-502-8711

      Auxiliary Police Liaison
          Main Number416-808-0114

      Bail and Parole (also Sex Offender Registry)
          Address2440 Lawrence Ave. E,
Toronto, Ontario
M1P 2R5
          Main Number416-808-5700

      Business Intelligence & Analytics website
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      Collision Reporting Centres
          See: Traffic Services

      Communications Services website
          Main Number416-808-8800

           Alarms Section
               Alarms Coordinator416 808-8852
               Main Number416 808-8860

           Training Section
               Training Coordinator416-808-8854

      Community Partnerships and Engagement Unit website
          Admin Co-ordinator416-808-0187
          Main Number416-808-0100
          Unit Commander416-808-0112
          Unit Commander Assistant416-808-0185
          Unit Complaints416-808-0101

           Aboriginal Peacekeeping Unit
               Main Number416-808-7046

           Adult & Youth Corps Volunteer Program
               Main Number416-808-0187

           Auxiliary Police Program
               Main Number416-808-0114

           Community Police Liaison Committees
               Main Number416-808-0187

           Crime Prevention Coordinator
               Main Number416-808-0135

           Domestic Violence
               Main Number416-808-7474

           Elder/Child Abuse
               Main Number416-808-0130

           Mental Health
               Main Number416-808-0132

           Neighbourhood Resource Support
               Main Number416-808-0106

               Main Number416-808-0122

           Threat Assessment
               Main Number416-808-0121

           Youth Response Support
               Main Number416-808-0120

      Corporate Command website
          Deputy Chief Exec. Assistant416-808-8013

      Corporate Communications website
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          Main Number416-808-7100
          Media Relations Officers416-808-7100
          Video Production Section416-808-7941

      Corporate Planning
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          Main Number416-808-7770

      Court Services
          DNA Co-ordinator416-808-0233
          Main Number416-808-8370
          Staff Inspector416-808-7704

           Court Locations

                College Park Courts (444 Yonge St.)
                    Main Number416-808-5630

                Coroner's Court (25 Morton Shulman Ave.)

                Document Services Section (40 College St. 2nd floor)
                    Main Number416-808-7200

                Family & Youth Court (311 Jarvis St.)

                Old City Hall (60 Queen St. West)
                    Main Number416-808-5600

                Superior Court (361 University Ave.)
                    Main Number416-808-5650

                Toronto East Court (1911 Eglinton Ave. East)
                    Main Number416-808-4700

                Toronto North Court (1000 Finch Ave. West)
                    Main Number416-808-3440

                Toronto West Court (2201 Finch Ave. West)
                    Main Number416-808-2700

           Small Claims Courts
               List of small claims courts in TorontoClick here

      Crime Stoppers website
          Main Number416-808-7260
          Toll Free Number1-800-222-8477

      Criminal Reference Background Checks
          Records Release416-808-8240

      Customer Service Excellence website
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      Detective Services
          Main Numbers416-808-3500

      Detective Support
          Main Number416-808-8033

      Disciplinary Hearings Office website
          Main Number416-808-7244

      Divisional Policing Command website
          Deputy Chief Exec. Assistant416-808-8011

      Drug Squad website
          Main Number416-808-6100

      Duty Desk
          Main Number416-808-7000
          Duty Inspector416-808-7000
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      Emergency Management
          See: Public Safety and Emergency Management Unit
          Main Number416-808-4900

      Emergency Task Force website
          Address300 Lesmill Road
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          Main Number416-808-3800
          Staff Inspector416-808-3800

      Employment website
          See: Human Resources
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          E-Mail For Police Constable Inquiriessend e-mail to E-Mail For Police Constable Inquiries Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-7150

      Equity, Inclusion and Human Rights website
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          Main Number416-808-8176

      Financial Crimes Unit website
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          Main Number416-808-7300

      Forensic Identification Services website
          Main Number416-808-6870
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      Hold Up Squad website
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          Main Number416-808-7350
          Staff Inspector416-808-7350

      Homicide website
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          Main Number416-808-7400
          Staff Inspector416-808-7400

           Missing Persons Unit
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               Main Number416-808-7411

      Human Resources website
          Main Number416-808-7870

           Employment Office
               Job Information Hot Line416-808-7134
               Main Number416-808-7150
               Staff Inspector416-808-7150

           Medical Advisory Services
               Main Number416-808-7171
               Medical Consultant416-808-7179

           Occupational Health Services
               Main Number416-808-7171

           Workers Compensation Services

      Information Technology website
          Main Number416-808-7600
          Radio & Electronics416-808-6900

      Integrated Gun & Gang Task Force website
          Man Number416-808-2510

      Intelligence Division
          Main Number416-808-3500
          Staff Inspector416-808-3500

      Internal Affairs

      Legal Services website
          Main Number416-808-7808

      Marine website
          Address259 Queen's Quay West
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          Main Number416-808-5800
          Staff Inspector416-808-5800

      Media Relations
          See: Corporate Communications
          Main Number416-808-7100

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      Museum website
          See: Corporate Communications
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          Main Number416-808-7020

      Office of the Chief
          Main Number416-808-8000

      Operations Support website
          Main Number416-808-7724

           Museum website
               Gift Shop416-808-7024
               Main Number416-808-7020

      Organized Crime Enforcement
          Main Number416-808-2500

      Parking Enforcement Unit

           Contract Services (MLE Program)
               Main Number416-808-6624

           Headquarters Functions
               Main Number416-808-6600

           Parking Enforcement East
               Address330 Progress Avenue, 2nd Floor
               Main Number416-808-6600

           Parking Enforcement West
               Address970 Lawrence Ave. W.
               Main Number416-808-1600

      Police Association (T.P.A.) website
          Address2075 Kennedy Road, suite 200
          Main Number416-491-4301

      Police Dog Services
          Address44 Beechwood Drive
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          Main Number416-808-1750

      Police Services Board Office website
          Board Administrator416-808-8094
          Chair's Secretary416-808-8083
          Executive Director416-808-8081
          Policy & Communications Senior Advisor416-808-8090

      Police Stations

           Area Field website
               Address40 College Street
               Staff Superintendent416-808-7737

                22 Division website
                    Address3699 Bloor Street West
                    Alternate Response Unit416-808-2225
                    Community Response416-808-2219
                    Community Services416-808-2208
                    Detective Office416-808-2204
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                    Front Desk416-808-2200
                    Planning Office416-808-2273
                    Staff Sergeant416-808-2201
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-2224
                    Youth Bureau416-808-2205

                23 Division website
                    Address5230 Finch Ave. West
                    Alternate Response416-808-2325
                    Community Relations416-808-2381
                    Community Response Team416-808-2319
                    D/Sgt. Plainclothes/Drugs416-808-2361
                    Detective Office416-808-2304
                    Detective Office416-808-2304
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-2316
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                    Fraud Office416-808-2307
                    Front Desk416-808-2300
                    Staff Inspector416-808-2311
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-2324
                    Youth Bureau416-808-2305

                31 Division website
                    Address40 Norfinch Drive
                    Alternate Response Unit416-808-3125
                    Alternate Response Unit416-808-3125
                    Community Foot Patrol416-808-3119
                    Community Services416-808-3108
                    Detective Office416-808-3104
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Fraud Office416-808-3107
                    Front Desk416-808-3100
                    Neighborhood Crime Unit416-808-3106
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-3124
                    Youth Bureau416-808-3105

                32 Division website
                    Address30 Ellerslie Ave
                    Alternate Response Unit416-808-3230
                    Community Foot Patrol416-808-3219
                    Community Foot Patrol S/Sergeant416-808-3232
                    Community Services/Crime Prevention416-808-3208
                    Detective Office416-808-3204
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-3216
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Fraud Office416-808-3207
                    Front Desk416-808-3200
                    Major Crime416-808-3206
                    Street Crime416-808-3004
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-3224
                    Youth Bureau416-808-3205

                33 Division website
                    Address50 Upjohn Road
                    Alternate Response Unit416-808-3328
                    Community Foot Patrol416-808-3392
                    Detective Office416-808-3304
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-3316
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Fraud Unit416-808-3307
                    Front Office416-808-3300
                    Major Crime416-808-3306
                    Staff Inspector416-808-3311
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-3324
                    Youth Bureau416-808-3305

                41 Division website
                    Address2222 Eglinton Avenue East
                    Community Response Unit416-808-4004
                    Community Services416-808-4108
                    Detective Office416-808-4104
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-4100
                    Major Crime Unit416-808-4106
                    Street Crime416-808-4005
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-4124
                    Youth Bureau416-808-4105

                42 Division website
                    Address242 Milner Avenue
                    Detective Office416-808-4204
                    Divisional Analyst416-808-4203
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-4200
                    Major Crime Unit416-808-4206
                    Special Task Force416-808-4260
                    Youth Bureau416-808-4205

                43 Division
                    Address4331 Lawrence Avenue East
                    Crime Prevention416-808-4339
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-4300

           Central Field website
               Address40 College Street
               Staff Superintendent416-808-7741

                11 Division website
                    Address2054 Davenport Road
                    Alternate Response416-808-1125
                    Area Foot Patrol416-808-1119
                    Community Relations416-808-1134
                    Crime Prevention416-808-1108
                    Detective Office416-808-1104
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-1141
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Fraud Office416-808-1107
                    Front Desk416-808-1100
                    Staff Inspector416-808-1111
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-1124
                    Warrant Office416-808-1104
                    Youth Bureau416-808-1105

                12 Division website
                    Address200 Trethewey Drive
                    Area Foot Patrol416-808-1235
                    Community Services416-808-1208
                    Crime Prevention416-808-1264
                    Detective Office416-808-1204
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-1241
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-1200
                    Staff Inspector416-808-1211
                    Street Crime416-808-1037
                    Street Crime Detective416-808-1035
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-1224
                    Youth Bureau416-808-1205

                13 Division website
                    Address1435 Eglinton Avenue West
                    Community Services416-808-1308
                    Detective Office416-808-1304
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-1300
                    Major Crime416-808-1306
                    Staff Inspector416-808-1311
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-1324
                    Youth Bureau416-808-1305

                14 Division website
                    Address350 Dovercourt Road
                    Alternate Response Unit416-808-1425
                    Community Relations416-808-1508
                    Crime Prevention416-808-1529
                    Detective Office416-808-1404
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-1448
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Fraud Office416-808-1456
                    Front Desk416-808-1400
                    Major Crime Unit416-808-1463
                    Special Task Force416-808-1452
                    Staff Sergeant416-808-1401
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-1424
                    Warrant Office416-808-1407
                    Youth Bureau416-808-1405

                     Parkdale Community-Policing Centre
                         Address1303 Queen Street W.
                         Main Number416-808-1410

                         Community Service416-808-1508
                         Crime Prevention416-808-1529
                         LocationExhibition Place
                         Main Number416-808-1500
                         Special Events416-808-1510
                         Staff Sergeant416-808-1501

                51 Division website
                    Address51 Parliament Street
                    Alternate Response416-808-5125
                    Community Foot Patrol416-808-5119
                    Community Service416-808-5108
                    Detective Office416-808-5140
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-5116
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-5100
                    Plainclothes/Major Crime416-808-5106
                    Staff Inspector416-808-5111
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-5124
                    Youth Bureau416-808-5105

                52 Division website
                    Address255 Dundas Street West
                    Alternate Response Unit416-808-5226
                    Community Foot Patrol416-808-5219
                    Community Services416-808-5208
                    Detective Office416-808-5204
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-5216
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-5200
                    Island Station416-808-5850
                    Major Crime416-808-5239
                    Plain clothes416-808-5206
                    Special Task Force416-808-5229
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-5224
                    Youth Bureau416-808-5205

                53 Division website
                    Address75 Eglinton Avenue West
                    Community Foot Patrol416-808-5319
                    Community Services416-808-5308
                    Detective Office416-808-5304
                    Detective Office416-808-5304
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-5316
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-5300
                    Staff Inspector416-808-5311
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-5324
                    Youth Bureau416-808-5305

                55 Division (North) website
                    Address41 Cranfield Road

                55 Division (South) website
                    Address101 Coxwell Avenue
                    Alternate Response416-808-5525
                    Community Foot Patrol416-808-5533
                    Community Services416-808-5508
                    Crime Prevention416-808-5570
                    Detective Office416-808-5504
                    Detective Sergeant416-808-5541
                    E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
                    Front Desk416-808-5500
                    Major Crime416-808-5506
                    S/Sgt. (Uniform)416-808-5501
                    Traffic Sergeant416-808-5524
                    Youth Bureau416-808-5505

      Professional Standards website
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-7740

      Property and Evidence Management website

      Public Safety - Major Events website
          Address330 Progress Avenue
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Film Liaison Officer416-808-5051
          Main Number416-808-5049
          Staff Sergeant416-808-5051

      Public Safety and Emergency Management Unit website
          Address330 Progress Avenue
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Main Number416-808-4900
          Unit Commander416-808-4900

           Critical Infrastructure

           Crowd Management
               Staff Sergeant416-808-4910
               Training Sergeant416-808-4908

           Emergency Management
               Senior Planner416-808-4946
               Training Sergeant416-808-4949

           Industrial Liaison

      Sex Crimes website
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          Human Trafficking Enforcement Team416-808-4838
          Main Number416-808-7474
          Staff Inspector416-808-7474

      Sex Offender Registry
          See: Bail and Parole (also Sex Offender Registry)

      Specialized Operations Command website
          Deputy Chief Exec. Assistant416-808-8051

      Toronto Police College website
          Address70 Birmingham St.
          Main Number416-808-4800

      Traffic Services website
          Address9 Hanna Ave.
          Breath Co-Ordinator416-808-1971
          Detective Sergeant416-808-1930
          E-mailsend e-mail to E-mail Send an e-mail
          Fax (Front Desk)416-808-1902
          Main Number416-808-1900
          Paid Duty416-808-7880
          Planning Sergeant416-808-1954
          Radar Co-Ordinator416-808-1996
          Traffic Enforcement Main Number416-808-1964

           Collision Reporting Centres website

                East Collision Reporting Centre
                    Address39 Howden Road, Scarborough
                    Main Number416-808-4960

                North Collision Reporting Centre
                    Address113 Toryork Drive, North York
                    Main Number416-808-3960

      Victim Services website
          Main Number416-808-7066