Teach your child:
  • His/her name, age, telephone number including the area code, address, city and province
  • How to contact you, the police, fire department, or ambulance service in the event of an emergency
  • To keep you informed as to his/her whereabouts at all times
  • Never to admit to being alone in the home when answering the telephone
  • Never to invite strangers into the house OR even answer the door when home alone
  • Never to approach or enter a stranger's car
  • That he/she should never hitchhike
  • That you are sensitive to their fears and he/she can talk to you about them
  • That a police officer is a friend who can be relied upon when he/she is lost or needs help
  • Never to play alone - always be with friends

Also, discuss with your child
  • That he/she should trust their feeling and say NO to an adult, especially if that adult wants them to do something that is wrong
  • Not to accept gifts from strangers
  • That adults rarely ask a child for help
  • To tell you if someone has asked them to keep a secret from you
  • That no one has the right to touch any part of his/her body that a bathing suit would cover
  • That if he/she is being followed, he/she should run home or go to the nearest public place and yell for help
  • To report to you, school authorities or a police officer, anyone who acts suspiciously towards him/her
  • Not to enter anyone's home without your permission
  • Never to play in deserted buildings or isolated areas
  • Avoid taking shortcuts through parks or fields
  • Carry enough money to make a phone call home
  • Never to show his/her money, and if attacked for it, to give it up rather than risk injury

And you should...
  • Provide schools or day-care centers with the names of person(s) to whom your child may be released, AND inform them who to notify in the event the child does not arrive
  • Avoid clothing or toys with your child's name on them as children are less likely to be fearful of someone who knows and calls them by name
  • Never leave your child alone in a public place, stroller or car - even for a minute!
  • Always accompany children to the bathroom in a public place and advise them never to loiter in or around these areas