We all have the potential to be victims of crime. Each of us can REDUCE THE RISK of our homes/property being victimized by eliminating the opportunity.

Lobby Security
  • Unknown or suspicious persons trying to get in to the building should be referred to the Management, Security or the Superintendent
  • DO NOT allow strangers to enter the building as you are leaving or entering. Cooperate with all other tenants in keeping the main outer doors locked at all times
  • DO NOT buzz anyone into the building whom you don't know
  • Use only your first initial on the lobby directory, doorbell, mailbox, and phone directory
Door security
  • Doors should be mounted so hinge-bolts are not facing outwards
  • Install one-inch deadbolt locks on all exterior doors
  • Chain locks are poor security - install a wide angle viewer instead and NEVER open your door to a stranger
  • NEVER leave your door unlocked, even while taking out the trash
  • DO NOT leave notes on your apartment door or on the lobby directory
  • If keys are lost or if you move, locks should be changed
  • If you see a stranger carrying items out of a neighbours apartment, ***CALL 911***
Elevator safety
  • Look to see who's in the elevator before entering
  • DO NOT enter the elevator if you do not feel comfortable - wait for the next one
  • When in the elevator - stand beside the control panel
  • If a suspicious person enters the elevator, exit before the doors close.
Helpful hints
  • Keep a record of your valuables
  • Identify your property by engraving an identifying mark - proper identification makes it easier for the police to return personal property
  • When engraving, hold the engraver straight up NOT on a slant
  • The identification should be readily visible without marring the appearance of the item
  • Be a good neighbour and report any suspicious activity to the Police
If a crime has occurred
  • DO NOT enter - the criminal may still be inside
  • Use a neighbour's phone and call the police
  • DO NOT touch anything or clean up until the police have inspected for evidence
  • Note the licence number of any suspicious vehicle
  • Note the description of any suspicious person(s)

Crime prevention is everyone's responsibility!