Youth Programs

The Toronto Police Service has a number of programs intended to assist young people and improve their safety and security at school and in the community. Wherever possible, ‘at risk’ young people and their parents or guardians should be referred to community based agencies, including the Children’s Aid Society, that can assist in reducing the risk to the young person prior to law enforcement action being taken.

See below for information on:

  • The Toronto Opera Program (TOP)
  • Empowered Student Partnerships
  • Public Education and Crime Eradication (PEACE) project
  • Toronto Recreational Outreach Outtripping Program (TROOP)

The Toronto Opera Program

The Toronto Opera Program (TOP) is a new program commencing in July 2008 and funded by ProAction “Cops & Kids.” It is a program created in partnership between the Toronto Police Service and the Canadian Opera Company.

As participants in T.O.P, youth will be introduced to opera through activities that emphasize the core elements of operatic performance and production: voice, drama, movement and design. Using these key elements, youth alongside members of the Toronto Police Service, will work with professional artist-educators and their peers to write and create an operatic performance. Youth participants will also gain insight into the skills and professions needed to create a professional opera production through educational tours of the Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre and the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts.

For further information, please refer to the pamphlet, registration form and photo release form.

Empowered Student Partnerships

Empowered Student Partnerships (ESP) is a police-led partnership directed to high school students who are encouraged to plan, organize and execute year-long safety initiatives in their local schools and communities. It allows the students to define the culture of their school and its reputation, while maximizing their learning potential and educations experience.

For further information, please see the pamphlet and visit the Empowered Student Partnerships website at or call 416-808-7069

Public Education and Crime Eradication (PEACE) Project

The Public Education and Crime Eradication (PEACE) project is a new crime prevention strategy of the Toronto Police Service. PEACE enables youth to work with the police and community partners to get guns and gangs off our streets. Through education, prevention and enforcement techniques the PEACE project will accomplish these objectives.

For further information, refer to the PEACE Brochure, call 416-808-7291 or visit Project PEACE website.

TROOP Project

The Toronto Recreational Outreach Outtripping Program (TROOP) offers youth the opportunity to challenge their self-imposed boundaries through meaningful and sustainable problems including a five day excursion to the wilderness of Northern Ontario and a seven-day leadership trip at the end of the season.

For further information, refer to the TROOP General Information, TROOP Registration and Consent Form, or call 416-808-7430