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Communications Services

· Explore E9-1-1
  - Development and history of 9-1-1
  - Know when to call 9-1-1
  - 9-1-1 FAQ
  - 9-1-1 Pocket Dials
  - 9-1-1 multi-language pamphlets
  - 9-1-1 multi-language videos
· Text 9-1-1
· Alarm Unit
  - Overview and history
  - Response, recovery, verification
  - Suspension and appeal process
  - Alarm FAQ
  - Contact Alarm Unit
  - Alarm Response Policy
· Operational Floor
· 9-1-1 Operator of the Year
· Online Crime Reporting
· Combined Learning Network
·Training & Recruiting
  - Training Unit
  - Job requirements
  - Selection process
  - Training outline

9-1-1 Pocket Dial

Communications Services

Phone: 416-808-8800
Manager: 416-808-8871
Fax: 416-808-8802
Unit Commander: Manager Kerry-Anne Murray-Bates

Teach your kids when to call 9-1-1 video on YouTube

911 equals emergency in any language

The purpose of Communications Services is to contribute to the achievement of the Toronto Police Service's mission, goals, and objectives by:

  • providing this Police Service with an efficient, effective communications centre, ensuring access to the public and the police in the City of Toronto to emergency services, and generating the appropriate response to calls for service in a timely, appropriate manner.

In addition to compliance with the Police Services Act of Ontario and the Toronto Police Service Governance, Directives, and Policies, Communications Services, under the direction of the Director of Operational Support Services, is responsible for:

  • operating and managing the communications systems within the Services;
  • working with internal and external units, agencies and groups, including other police and emergency service providers, to deliver communication systems;
  • providing support to the Communications Services' operational floor, the Duty Operations Centre and the Field in areas of voice radio, computer-aided dispatch, telephone user services, training and development, policies, procedures, systems analysis, and enhanced 9-1-1 facilities;
  • administering the Service's False Alarm and Cost Recovery Programs;
  • performing such duties as may be directed by the Chief of Police and/or the Deputy Chief of Police, Operational Support Command.

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Use the menu at the top right of the page to learn lots more about Communications Services including knowing when to call 9-1-1, learn about pocket dials and false calls, learn how to report a crime on-line, learn about our response to alarms, learn about E9-1-1 and it's history, download pamphlets about 9-1-1 in several different languages, see what the requirements and training for our job is like and how you can become a 9-1-1 operator!

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