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Women in Policing

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Diversity Behind Every Uniform

The Toronto Police Service is proud to serve and protect everyone who lives, works and plays within all communities of Toronto. We are dedicated to hiring people with lived experiences, whose core values are in keeping with our own, and who are committed to the citizens of Toronto as much as we are.


Women within TPS

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Women work in every facet of our organization and contribute at all levels towards the safety and security of Torontonians. We believe that women play a significant role in policing and we are encouraging and empowering women to join the Toronto Police Service. It is an exciting time for women in policing, as we recognized the significant contributions women have made in our service and who are more than ever sitting at the table, making decisions, shaping the future and leading the way for future generation of women in policing. We are committed to modernizing our Service which includes a higher representation of women in policing.


Women Only PREP Sessions

We recognize that the physical testing component of becoming a police officer is challenging and may seem like a barrier towards a rewarding career in public service. Our recruiters want to work with you and make a career in policing attainable and achievable by offering Women only PREP sessions. These sessions are conducted the same way as the General PREP sessions, with the only difference being that registration is only open to women during the specific dates indicated. Female only sessions provide a welcoming environment that it is conducive to positive results. To register for the Female Only sessions, visit Information Sessions Registration.


Upcoming Recruiting events

May 27th, 2020, Virtual conference, Build a Dream: From Home Edition. Female students grade 7-12 are encouraged to register at dreamathome.eventbrite.ca

TPS Recruiting will be participating in Facebook live and Podcast Interviews, as well as being featured in an OnDemand Video Zone.

Poster for Build a Dream: From Home Edition includes event date and TPS crest

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