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Your career...Your community...You can make a difference
(416) 808-JOIN (5646)

Why join?

The Toronto Police Service endeavours to hire the finest members for every position and as such is seeking “Toronto’s finest.”

Toronto is a dynamic and vibrant city of 3 million people that is renowned world wide for its diversity and multicultural values.

The Toronto Police Service reflects this diversity in the communities which we serve and we are looking for qualified and enthusiastic candidates to take up the change and discover the exciting possibilities of a career in Policing.

The Toronto Police Service is the fourth largest municipal police service in North America with over 5500 officers and 2200 civilian support staff.

The Service enjoys a well earned reputation as a world leader in policing and is committed to excellence, innovation, quality leadership and provides a lifelong commitment to training and education with unlimited advancement opportunities for its members.

Couple of police officers in the community

The Toronto Police Service is also recognized worldwide for developing progressive and award winning initiatives, community based policing, technical innovation, officer training and employment practices.

If you want a career in a fast paced, highly diverse environment, then the Toronto Police Service is for you.

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