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Background Investigation Process

Once the mandatory and minimum requirements have been met, the applicant is then able to submit his/her online application. During the application process, there are pre-screening questions that must be answered by the applicant. If the applicant does not meet the requirements of the pre-screening questions, they will be unable to continue in the application process. Once the application is completed and submitted the applicant receives confirmation of a successful submission. The Background Investigation commences at this point.

The applicant is required to disclose information relating to their Criminal record, Police contact, Driving history, Credit history, Education history, Employment history, Alcohol use and Drug use. These areas receive initial scrutiny and are the crux of the background investigation.

If the applicant is successful at the pre-screening stage, they are contacted and an interview date is assigned. Prior to attending for his/her interview, arrangements are made for the applicant to attend an Interview Mentoring session. The sessions are conducted by members of the Recruiting Section. The applicants are provided with generic information about the interview process and assisted in preparing for their interviews. The sessions are group sessions. However, the applicants are provided with contact information for their Recruiter, so that individual inquiries could be addressed.

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