infographic showing a text Competitive Candidate and a silhouette of a person with a police hat, filled with words of various qualities a candidate should posses such as honest, fair, impartial, honourable, etc.

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Recruiting Coalition

The Employment Unit maintains a Recruiting Coalition Advisory Committee. This committee has been in existence for approximately 15 years. This committee is comprised of community members from many of our diverse communities.

The Unit Commander Employment Unit and a community member co-chair this committee which meets on a regular basis, providing valuable community input on recruitment as well as actively attending and engaging with recruiting officers at various events and displays.

Some examples of the activities in include but not limited to; participation at the Chiefs Pride Reception, planning and attending a Female Focused General Information Session at the North York Civic center to attract females for uniform and civilian positions, the Annual Organization of South Asian Police Officers Banquet and the Employment Unit ribbon cutting ceremony at Police Headquarters.

Mrs. Vera Chiovitti,
Manager, Employment Unit

Mr. Zul Kassamali,

Chris Gordon,
Sergeant, Employment Unit

Ms. Rosa Chan

Ms. Shukriya Ibrahim

Mr. Akwasi Owusu-Bempah

Mr. Eric Mukandila

Mr. Sam Wilkes

Mr. Raja Kanaga

Mr. Steve Teekens

Members of the Recruiting Coalition
The completion of the newly renovated Employment Unit office was celebrated with
Deputy Chief Mike Federico, Recruiting Coalition Advisory Board members Zul Kassamali,
Rosa Chan and Sam Wilkes.