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Recruitment process

Before you apply on line:

  • resume: have a detailed resume ready to download on line. Your resume should include pertinent information relating to your education and work experience,
  • previous employment: have names, addresses, telephone numbers and dates of previous employers,
  • education: have educational information ready (names and dates of diplomas/degrees/certificates).


Application process:

  • register: if you are applying for the first time you must register on line. Ensure you have an e-mail address available,
  • password: if you have applied and registered before, ensure you remember your password to login,
  • application: complete the on-line application.


Required Documents:

If selected to participate in the interview and background process, you will be asked to produce the following original documents:

  • Birth Certificate,
  • if not born in Canada, your Citizenship Card or Landed Immigrant Status Card,
  • all educational documents listed on your application and resume.


Selection process:

Recruiting and selecting the right people is key to the continued success of the Toronto Police Service. Our selection processes are designed to ensure that all hiring is free from bias and discrimination, and that the best people are hired on the basis of merit.

The Toronto Police Service is an equal opportunity employer.

The Toronto Police Service recruitment process for civilian positions is determined on a position-by-position basis and is dependent upon the specific job requirements.


A general overview of the recruitment process is as follows:

Job specific testing:
If required, a job-specific tests are administered to measure a candidate's knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to successfully perform the functions of the position being filled. This may include written tests and/or practical assessments such as typing and office skills tests.

Specialized Testing (if applicable):
Certain positions require additional testing for candidates who have been successful in the previous stages of the selection process.

For example, for Part-time Communications Operator, applicants are required to undergo specialized tests, such as a telecommunications simulator test, measuring motor skills, eye-hand-co-ordination, multi-tasking, memory retention and performance under stress.

A panel interview based upon the essential competencies identified for the position is conducted. Applicants must demonstrate that they possess the essential competencies for the position in question.

Background/Security Clearance:
Background and security clearances include a check of criminal history, references, verification of educational qualifications and employment history.

Medical Assessment:
Certain positions require applicants to successfully complete a medical assessment.

Offer of Employment:
Civilian vacancies are filled through a competition process. The candidate who demonstrates the best overall suitability during the selection process will be presented with an offer of employment.

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