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The Toronto Police Service is committed to providing its employees with the industry’s leading salaries, comprehensive benefits, effective wellness programs and the chance to develop their personal and professional skills through rewarding opportunities.

Permanent civilian members become eligible to receive the following benefits on the first of the month following completion of six (6) months’ service, or 1044 hours for permanent part-time members:

  • Family Health Care Plan,
  • Family Dental Plan,
  • Vision/Hearing Care,
  • Pay Direct Pharmaceutical Card,
  • Life Insurance,
  • Paid Vacation,
  • On-site fitness facilities,
  • Access to the Employee Credit Union,
  • Pension Plan (OMERS),
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program,
  • Parental/Maternity Leave,
  • Emergency Childcare.

Special Pay
Permanent members may be eligible for special pay, such as:

  • Shift Differential Pay,
  • pay for Overtime,
  • pay for Call-back (attending court while off-duty or coming into work on your day off).
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