Toronto Police Operations Centre

Provides a Common Operating Picture for all areas of TPS and one voice for internal corporate messaging, improves response times to priority calls, leverages internal and external information sources, including social media and assists with traffic management and enforcement and crime and order management. Monitors calls coming into the TPS, giving the Service a centralized command centre approach and the mechanism to leverage resources to better impact daily operations.

Budget Summary2016 Actuals2017 YTD Actuals2017 Approved2018 ProposedChg over 2017 Approved
TOTAL REGULAR SALARIES3,137,2294,397,8262,855,70010,610,8007,755,100
TOTAL BENEFITS440,829673,301439,4001,648,5001,209,100
TOTAL PREMIUM PAY207,951210,870551,400551,4000
TOTAL MATERIALS & SUPPLIES3,2071,8916,3006,000(300)
TOTAL EQUIPMENT38,01028,430000
TOTAL SERVICES & RENTS8,6418,01943,00047,6004,600
Total Budget3,835,8675,320,3373,895,80012,864,3008,968,500
Staffing Summary2017 Approved2018 ProposedChg over 2017 Approved
Uniform Staff2310178
Civilian Staff32(1)
Total Staffing2610377