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2019 Budget Request - Presentation

Included in the below presentation are the requests for the Toronto Police Service Operating and Capital budgets, as well as the Toronto Police Parking Enforcement Unit.

2019-2028 Capital Program – Detail Breakdown

Included in the below charts are Toronto Police Service’s 2019-2028 Capital Program, Incremental Operating impact from Capital and list of unfunded projects.

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Operating Budget Line-by-Line Request

A detailed list of expenditures and revenues by account for the Toronto Police Service’s 2019 Preliminary Operating Budget request. Some historical actuals are included for comparison. View our line-by-line below:

Summaries by Command

Summary of Command Expenditures (2017 actual, 2018 approved, and 2019 preliminary) document.

Response to Questions on the 2019 Operating Budget

Responses to the questions received at the various meetings where the budget was presented.

How to Engage in the Budget Process

There are several opportunities to engage in the budget process both at Toronto Police Services Board (TPSB) meetings and during budget deliberations at the City of Toronto. Touchpoints for engagement this year are:

2019 Budget Request

Our 2019 budget request was submitted for the January 24, 2019 TPSB meeting agenda.

Additional Resources

City of Toronto Budget & Finance information about the Toronto Police Service’s 2019 Budget.

City of Toronto Budget & Finance information about the Toronto Police Service Parking Enforcement Unit’s 2019 Budget, which is a part of the overall City of Toronto Program: Parking Tags Enforcement & Operations.



Previous Years Budget Requests

TPS 2018 Budget information