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How much does a request cost?
There is a mandatory $5.00* application fee that must be paid when submitting an Access Request. Additional fees may be charged under section 45 of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act for photocopying and severing the records.
*The $5.00 application fee cannot be waived and is non-refundable.


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What type of payment is accepted for the application fee and who is it made payable to?
We accept personal or certified cheques and money orders which should be made payable to the "Toronto Police Service". If submitting your request in person, you may also pay by Debit, Visa or Mastercard.


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How long will my request take to complete?
Under MFIPPA, we have to respond to your request within 30 calendar days; we may extend that time if the request is particularly complex or involves a large number of records. Requesters will be advised of a time extension.
The Access & Privacy Section receives a significant number of requests daily and we endeavour to complete them as expeditiously as possible. Your patience is appreciated.


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Is there any way to expedite my request?
Unfortunately there is no way to expedite a request. We can make a note on your file that the records are needed urgently, however there is no guarantee a response will be made before the 30 day time frame.

Important Note
Failing to detail exactly what you are requesting, or failing to include the required application fee or authorization/consent form will delay your request.

Records may not be released if the investigation is open and ongoing. If the record you request contains sensitive law enforcement information that would harm a law enforcement matter if released, we do not provide that part of the requested record.

If the matter is proceeding before the court, disclosure no longer falls under MFIPPA and records will not be released.


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Will you send me the records electronically?
No. Once your records are ready, pending any other fees owing, we will mail your records or you have the option to pick them up at Toronto Police Service Headquarters.


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Should a law firm or insurance company complete the request form?
It is suggested an agent, such as a law firm or insurance company, submits a letter detailing complete incident details, clients name and provide accompanying authorizations.