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Sex Crimes Unit

Special Victims Section

In accordance with The Toronto Police Service and Sex Crimes Unit's Mission, Goals and Objectives, the Special Victims Section will:

  • Thoroughly investigate allegations of criminal sexual offences which have occurred against any person identified to be a sex worker.

  • Recognize sex workers as "victims first".

  • Identify and investigate sex workers under the age of eighteen (18) years-old involved in juvenile prostitution.

  • Apprehend sex workers under the age of sixteen (16) years-old involved in juvenile prostitution and assist in their return to safe environment.

  • Identify, arrest and assist in the prosecution of pimps and all other parties, involved in the commission of criminal sexual offences against sex workers.

  • Assist in providing effective victim management and support services to all required persons.

  • Conduct regular outreach efforts with local community organizations and sex workers themselves.

  • Educate the public and police with respect to the unique dynamics of prostitution to promote greater understanding of its unique challenges.