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Public Safety Alert,
Boat and Water Safety

Broadcast time: 15:00
Friday, May 15, 2020


With a return to seasonal weather and the lifting of various restrictions around marinas, the Toronto Police Service would like to remind the public of their responsibilities on the water.

Prepare Your Boat and have a Plan

- Take the time to do an appropriate check of your vessel, ensuring you have functioning navigation lights and all safety equipment, including life jackets/PFD for everyone on board. Also set a plan to let people know where you are going and set to return.

Prepare Yourself

- Just because your vessel is ready for the water does not mean you are. Cold water immersion and/or fast-moving high water levels mean taking extra precautions to protect yourself from these risks. It is a recommended practice that you wear your PFD/Life jacket to be safe while you are around the water.

Be Responsible

- Every year lives are lost due to impaired boating. It is against the law for any vessel operator to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is also against the law for there to be alcohol or drugs being consumed by anyone on board while the vessel is in operation. Alcohol and controlled substances are meant to be stored and non-accessible while the vessel is underway. Only when your vessel is docked, moored, grounded, or at anchor, and meets the legal requirements of having permanent sleeping, cooking and washroom facilities, is it legal to consume responsibly on a vessel in the province of Ontario.

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Meaghan Gray, Corporate Communications