Human Resources is the head of several units which focus on the benefits, health plan, and labour issues for members of the Service.

The Human Resources Management unit contains a sub-unit – Psychological Services – while overseeing Labour Relations, Compensation & Human Resources Information Systems, Human Resources Support Services, and Occupational Health & Safety

The Human Resources Management Unit is responsible for:

• Providing corporate direction to the units within the Human Resources Management Directorate;

• Directing and providing leadership in the development and administration of human resource services, including: evaluation processes, health and safety practices, employee benefits and leave programs, employee records, grievances and terminations, medical assessments, and civilian job analysis;

• Directing and co-ordinating collective bargaining and agreement administration on behalf of the Police Services Board;

• Ensuring the Police Service and the Police Services Board respond appropriately to proposed legislative changes that affect human resource functions;

• Developing and presenting the Human Resources Strategy to the Command, the Police Services Board, and the City of Toronto, as required, for the operating budget process and other purposes;

• Ensuring the development and administration of technology for the delivery of effective and efficient human resource services and data storage;

• Ensuring human resource policies and programs are effectively communicated within the Service; and

• Maintaining the uniform and civilian establishments.

The purpose of Human Resources Management is to contribute to the Toronto Police Service's mission, goals and objectives.

The Human Resources Management unit is located on the 9th floor of the Police Headquarters, at 40 College Street. The office is open from 0730 – 1600, Monday through Friday.

For general inquiries, unit personnel can be reached at 416-808-7831.