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Homicide: #36/2009
Date: August 10, 2009

Tavane Sean-Anthony LENNON


Details of Investigation
On Monday August 10, 2009 at approximately 10:51 PM the Toronto Police Service Communications Bureau received a call regarding sounds gun shots in the area of 55 Sultan Pool Drive in Rexdale. Police responded to the scene and located Tavane LENNON laying face down in the middle of the roadway. He was without Vital Signs. Officers performed CPR until the arrival of Emergency Medical Services. While en-route to Hospital Tavane LENNON was pronounced dead.

Detective Sergeant Frank SKUBIC (3981) and Detective Sheila OGG (994) of the Homicide Squad attended and took charge of the investigation.

A Forensic examination of the scene determined that there were in excess of 12 shots fired at Tavane LENNON, who was himself struck multiple times. There were a number of errant gunshots that penetrated neighbouring homes, vehicles, and trees.

Tavane LENNON died as a result of a fatal gunshot wound to the back that perforated his heart.

Investigation to date has revealed the following.

On Monday August 10th, 2009, the deceased Tavane LENNON went to work during the day and arrived home at approximately 5:00 PM. At that time, he got on his bicycle and went to meet with friends. Later in the evening he was contacted by his spouse. He indicated that he would run an errand to purchase some grocery items and would be returning home shortly.

At approximately 10:30 PM witnesses report hearing an argument coming from the vicinity of the Melody Valley Junior School grounds involving approximately several males. This location is just west of Sultan Pool Drive and can be accessed by a walkway situated at Guard House Cr.

Shortly thereafter Tavane LENNON was observed riding his bicycle from this location towards Sultan Pool Drive. At approximately the same time the suspect vehicle was observed on Sultan Pool Drive.

There was a brief verbal exchange after which the suspect was observed firing numerous shots at and in the direction of Tavane LENNON. The suspect vehicle was then seen fleeing southbound. Witnesses report that there were up to 3 or more occupants in this vehicle.

The Suspect Vehicle is described as; Older Model Honda Civic, Black or other dark colour, "Low Rider", with spoiler on the rear, dark tinted windows.

The SHOOTER is described as; Male, Black, black clothing, black fitted baseball cap.

The DRIVER is described as; Male, Black, large build, white jacket and dark sunglasses.

The degree of involvement/culpability of the other persons in the vehicle has not as yet been determined.

The Murder of Tavane LENNON is a tragedy. He was a hard working father of a 3 year old daughter and a 7 year old step daughter. He himself was an only child. His murder has devastated both his family and friends.

The shooter in this case has a clear disregard for human life - he indiscriminately fired multiple gunshots in a residential area directly causing the death of Tavane LENNON and causing collateral damage to homes, vehicles and trees in the area. Miraculously no one else was injured or killed.

Unknown male

Male, Black, dark clothing, black fitted baseball cap.
Unknown male

Heavy Build, wearing white jacket, dark sunglasses


Older model, black Honda Civic style, "low rider" with spoiler on rear, tinted windows.

Additional Media

Actual Forensic Photo - Bullet shot through back window of parked SUV

Actual Forensic Photo - Scene

Actual Forensic Photo of tree struck by bullet

Actual Forensic Photo of bullet holes below a bedroom window.

Google Map of Homicide Location

Actual Forensic Photo - Tavane Lennon's bike

YouTube video appeal from the crime scene

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How you can help
Anyone with information is asked to contact the investigators in this case;

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