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Fraud and Seniors

Fraud Prevention Month

March is Fraud Prevention Month and the Toronto Police Service Financial Crimes Unit (FCU) is proud to launch a public awareness campaign to help the citizens of Toronto become more aware of this growing crime.

Strength in Numbers – A Multi-Agency Effort to Raise Awareness of Fraud and Financial Crimes

The FCU is honoured to launch this campaign with our community partners in law enforcement, government and other agencies that share our concern with this growing crime. On Thursday, February 28th, 2013 we held a joint media conference and showcased our combined efforts to raise awareness of fraud and financial crimes.

Our community partners for this event have all identified fraud and financial crimes as being a priority. Some have created campaigns specifically for this month-long event. Please click on their name and explore their website for useful tips and information that will make you and your family safer from fraud.

Seneca College Graphic Design Students Meet the Challenge

The focus of this year's campaign is "Fraud and Seniors". Our Seniors are an important part of our city and we want to do everything we can to ensure they are prepared and protected. Toronto is not only getting more diverse but we are also getting older. The Toronto Police Service wants to prepare its citizens for this type of crime before they become targets.

For this campaign the FCU enlisted the help of a small group of extremely talented students from the Seneca College Graphic Design Program. During the fall of 2012 these students worked with the FCU, our very own Divisional Policing Support Unit (DPSU) and seniors creating five amazing campaigns designed to raise awareness of fraud to seniors.

You may become a target of financial crime but you don't have to be a victim. Stay informed...

The Making of a Campaign to Protect Seniors

The FCU and DPSU had a wonderful experience with the talented students of Seneca College Graphic Design Program. Hear in their own words what it meant to work on a campaign that would promote awareness of a crime that has affection thousands of seniors. We are honoured to have them contribute such high-calibre work to our public awareness campaign.

Social Media

The FCU is committed to providing timely and accurate information to the citizens of Toronto about fraud and other financial crimes by using social media. Follow the FCU Social Media Team and join the conversation about financial crimes: