A purse snatch (robbery) can occur anywhere at anytime. In order to reduce your risk, there are many precautions you can take.

For Your Protection
  • Never place a purse strap around your neck or wrap it around your wrist; forcible removal could result in serious personal injury
  • Look confident and always be aware of your immediate surroundings

Reduce the risk

When Travelling In Your Vehicle
  • Place your purse under the seat or secure it in the trunk
  • Park in a well-lit, attended area if possible
  • Completely close and lock all windows and doors
  • NEVER label your keys with your name and address…this is an invitation for thieves to identify and rob your home

When In Public
  • When possible, walk with a friend - try to avoid walking alone
  • When in a restaurant or other public area, DO NOT leave your purse draped over the back of your chair
  • When shopping, DO NOT leave your purse unattended in the change room or shopping cart - EVEN FOR A SECOND!
  • When at work, DO NOT leave your purse in plain view, lock it a drawer or cabinet

Other Important Tips
  • Carry key chains separate from your purse-you will still be able to get into your car or home if your are robbed
  • Before setting out, make it a point to bring along only the credit cards, cheques and amount of money that you will actually need. Carry your cash and cards in a jacket pocket
  • Use a fanny pack or waist pouch instead of a purse

If You Are A Victim
  • Release the Purse - Do not risk personal injury
  • Scream and Yell - Attracted attention may scare off a would-be attacker
  • Make a Mental Note - Note the thief's appearance i.e. height, weight, hair colour/style, clothing, etc.
  • Call 9.1.1. Immediately - Report the incident to the Police
  • Seek Medical Attention - If you have any injuries, see your doctor
  • Notify your Financial Institutions - Advise your banks and/or credit companies of stolen credit cards, ATM cards or cheques
  • Notify Government Agencies - Advise Government agencies of your stolen documents such as:
    Social Insurance Card
    Birth Certificate
    Driver's Licence
    Health Card