A bully is:
  • A domineering person or group of persons who abuse others
  • A person who tries to control others by fear
  • A person who behaves in an aggressive, thoughtless and unjust manner

If you are a bully:
  • Your reputation could suffer
  • You could hurt someone
  • You could become unpopular with friends
  • You could disappoint your family
  • You could be suspended from school
  • Police will investigate
  • If charged and convicted you will receive a criminal record

Reasons why people are bullies:
  • Peer pressure
  • They are looking for attention
  • They have no friends
  • They do not care about peoples feelings
  • They are insecure
  • They have been picked on in the past
  • They want to feel accepted by others
  • They want to be part of a gang/group
  • Their behaviour is a reflection of personal problems

Bullying is a criminal offence:
  • Assault
  • Harassment
  • Extortion
  • Threatening
  • Intimidation

If you are the victim of a bully:
  • You may lose your self esteem
  • You may feel humiliated
  • Your physical health may suffer
  • Your emotional health may be jeopardized
  • You may skip school or refuse to go to school to avoid the bully
  • Your grades may suffer
  • You may feel like running away

Bullying impacts everyone in different ways. In some cases, victims could not bear the ridicule and taunting and have committed suicide.

Ways to avoid a bully:
  • Stay together in a group
  • Be brave
  • Be confident
  • Walk away from trouble
  • Stick up for yourself
  • Tell someone you trust

Report bullying to:
  • Someone you trust
  • Your Principal
  • Your Teacher
  • Your Parents/Guardian
  • The Police
  • Report anonymously to Crime Stoppers by calling 222-TIPS or (416) 222-8477