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Babysitting safety

Babysitting is a job that carries a large responsibility. DO NOT treat babysitting as just a way to earn money.

Approach the job with a mature and responsible attitude. Every babysitting assignment should be carefully planned to ensure the safety and well being of both child and babysitter.

Helpful hints
  • Enroll in a babysitting course which is available to young people over 11 years of age at most community centers
  • Enroll in a First Aid/CPR course
  • Be businesslike and clearly state the days you are available, hours you may work, experience you have had and pay you consider fair
  • Get specific information such as the parent's name, address and phone number, number of children and their ages, escort and transportation that will be provided to and from the job etc.
  • Write all information on paper to avoid confusion or misunderstandings
  • DO NOT accept a job if you don't know the person calling - ask who recommended you…then check back. If in doubt, refuse
  • DO NOT advertise on bulletin boards. It may solicit unwelcome responses

While On The Job
  • Leave a note with your parents as to the time you will be expected home and the address and phone number of where you will be working
  • Ensure you have specific instructions for handling incoming calls or actions to be taken if the doorbell rings - NEVER tell anyone who calls that you are alone
  • Know where the parents of the children you are caring for can be reached
  • Know what to do in case of a fire, an accident, or other emergency

Remember - You Are A Guest!
DO NOT eat any food unless you have permission DO NOT open closets or drawers or read personal letters open to view DO NOT allow friends to visit you while babysitting DO NOT make prolonged personal phone calls

Emergency Information
Police, Fire, Ambulance9-1-1
All other Police related calls(416) 808-2222
The Poison Information Center - Hospital for Sick Children(416) 813-5900
Kids Help Phone1-800-668-6868