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TPS43Div - Excellent advice! @PCArsenault
10 hours ago

PCGuyServiceTorontoPolice43D - Power out in Whitby ...south of 401 @WhitbyHydro
12 hours ago

PCGuyServiceTorontoPolice43D - How I did on Twitter this week: 5 New Followers, 3 Mentions, 116K Mention Reach....
19 hours ago

TPS53 - Perfect Timing!!! Our 53 Division YIPI students donated our remaining 'Coat/Warm...
20 hours ago

TPS43Div - A significant arrest was made in Scarborough last night, all because a concerned...
24 hours ago

TPS43Div - We never stop learning, and no matter how old we get, you can never stop teachin...
2 days ago